Product Administration

A high-volume product cannot achieve its objective without a robust and efficient administration system. The advent of social media platforms and consumer protection websites has resulted in the consumer education and information level being at an all-time high.

To mitigate bad or non-complaint administration, correct and efficient administration of a product is essential.

This sought after level of administration is achieved through a combination of the following:

– Clients need for immediacy which exists due to the “instant” culture of today
– Clients need for convenience
– Company’s understanding of their clients’ needs
– Company’s understanding of the product that they have sold to their client
– Company’s understanding of and implementation of legislation
– Company’s understanding of client’s recourse and its effect on reputation
– Empowerment and training of staff
– Access to resources to assist clients in all circumstances

To administer a Financial product legislation has dictated that all those who would engage in the sale and/or the administration of a Financial product must be appropriately experienced and qualified.

Worldwide Advisory Services comply with these requirements:

– Over a decade of experience in Administering Financial Products (And VASP’s)
– Appropriately experienced and industry qualified staff
– Legislatively compliant Call Centre and Administration Centre
– Legislatively compliant backup systems and procedures
– Training initiatives for our clients on product

Worldwide Advisory Services provides the following turnkey solution for our clients:

– New Insurance applications via smartphone app. or in-store application
– Policy fulfillment via sms and/or email
– Debit Order Collection
– Policy Management
– Claims Management
– Contact Centre queries/services
– Risk Management
– Training and Quality Assurance
– Complaints Resolution
– Compliance Resolution
– Financial Reporting
– Operations reporting


– Skilled in-house development team
– Customized client solutions
– WWAS subscribes to all Microsoft requirements and pays specific attention to international standards and best practice
– Web based Administration system
– Multiple system-to-system integration
– Fully customizable reporting module
– Customer system access (if required)
– SQL Server is the preferred back end database.
– Data redundancy is local and off-site to allow full data recovery

We have sophisticated contact center capabilities with voice recording and customized QA capabilities:

– Fiber optic cable’s
– Failover systems with UPS
– Voice recording with tagging and referenced numbers

Performance Management

– WWAS has a dedicated team to assist all employees with their training and development
– Product Training and accreditation
– FAIS Training
– TCF Training
– Compliance Training
– Systems that comply with legislative requirements
– Fit and Proper employees
– Service under Supervision
– Coaching
– Record keeping
– Quality Assurance – weekly on all consultants
– Scripting for new products
– Training Manuals[/expand]

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