Telecoms Industry Insurance Solutions

Our Philosophy

As technologies converge, new challenges are emerging that may put your company and profits at risk. Just as the electronics revolution defined the 20th century, today’s revolution in technology and telecommunications will shape business in this century – and radically alter the risk management challenges telecommunications companies face. To help your company keep pace in a constantly changing and highly competitive environment, you need an insurance provider who is as innovative as you are and as committed to protecting your business.

Our approach to insuring companies in the telecommunications industry is twofold:

• to respond to the insurance issues you face today;
• to help you prepare for the unknowns of tomorrow

Our Insurance Program offers the following product features:

• Buildings, including newly acquired buildings and buildings in the course of construction.
• Telecommunications property, including telephone equipment; valuable papers; other business personal property and business personal property in which you have an interest; signage, fixtures and fittings, glass, other tenants improvements; and telecommunications property of others.
• Cellular site property and cellular site property in the course of construction, including base stations/towers, antennas, fencing, lighting, earth stations, microwave or satellite transmitting and receiving dishes, and, if attached to a tower or antenna, including their anchors, transmission and distribution lines, or foundations on which towers or antennas are mounted.
• Underground and submarine communications lines, including installation.
• Overhead communications lines, including installation.
• Mobile telecommunications equipment
• Telecommunications property while in transit, at an exhibition or at a trade show
• Installation
• Contractor’s equipment and Contractors All Risk Cover

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