Commercial Insurance


We will accurately determine the amount of risk financing you need and place your potential risk with the best possible insurers in the market.

We can provide the following cover:

  • Fire: Fire, lightning, storm, explosion and other specified perils in respect of the building, machinery, stock and other contents (if not included under contents)
  • Contents: Comprehensive insurance for office contents and documents. (If not included under fire)
  • Business Interruption: Loss flowing interruption of or interference with the business in consequence of damage occurring to property as insured under a material damage policy.
  • Theft: Loss or damage caused during theft (forcible and violent entry)
  • Money: Loss of money (cash and cheques)
  • Fidelity: Loss of money or property due to dishonest employees
  • Transit: Comprehensive insurance for goods that are not transported per sea. Restricted cover can be taken.
  • Business all Risks: Comprehensive policy for the insurance of expensive items which can be taken away from the insured’s premises.
  • Accidental Damage: Accidental loss or damage to property by any cause not specifically excluded or for which insurance may be available under any other policy.
  • Public Liability: Liability towards third parties upon death, bodily injury or illness or damage to property that may arise from the activities of the Insured. Products liability and defective workmanship to be included under this section of the policy and in certain instances to include specialized liabilities such as product recall.
  • Employers Liability: Liability towards employees upon death or injuries whilst on duty. (COIDA benefits not always sufficient)
  • Motor: Comprehensive or limited insurance for all vehicles
  • Electronic Equipment: Comprehensive insurance for computers, laptops and other electronic equipment.
  • Machinery Breakdown: Unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to machinery.
  • Machinery Breakdown Business Interruption: Loss following interruption of or interference with the business in consequence of damage to property insured under the Machinery Breakdown policy.
  • Professional Liability: Compensation due to the negligence or failure of professional persons.
  • Contractors All Risks: Comprehensive insurance for contract works. Liability can be included.
  • Riot Cover (SASRIA): Loss or damage to property due to riots/strikes, which is insured under any material, damage policy including Business Interruption (Only standing charges)

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